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Your Choice for Pump Sales and Services

Whether you’re looking for effluent pumps, pressure tanks, or well casing extensions, Aqua Pump Services is the company for you.

Ottawa’s Choice for Submersible Well Pump Installation and Water Well Drilling

Are you looking for top-quality submersible well pumps in Ottawa? If so, you’ve come to the right place, and Aqua Pump Services is the company for you. Whether you need a pump for irrigation or wastewater pumping, our plumbing contractors can help you. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Well Drilling

From water well drilling and service to pumps, we are here to assist you in every step of the way. Turn to us for:

Water well drilling
Geotechnical/environmental well drilling
Geothermal well drilling
Municipal well drilling
Artesian well drilling

Related Services

Our services don’t just end with water well drilling and service! You may also reach out to our team for all the related work, such as:

Pump installations
Well chlorination
Water well testing

You can quickly boost your home’s or office’s water pressure for better water filtering and showers. If that sounds good, give us a call! We welcome queries regarding our products and services.


Clients We Serve

Aqua Pump Services offers pumping solutions for an extensive range of applications. From environmental drilling to sales and servicing of industrial pumps that endure high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive chemicals, we can accommodate all your needs. We serve an array of customers that include commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and agricultural clients. Feel free to reach out to us to learn how our building contractors can help you. We have been serving homeowners, business owners, and property managers since 1992, and we are eager to serve you. Get in touch with us today.

Quality Is Our Cornerstone

We offer end-to-end services and unmatched warranties.

Submersible Well Pumps

From well casing extensions to pumps, we are here to help.

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